Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shringi - 12th February, 2010

Last few months of MBA are quintessentially utopian. After spending more than a year lusting for 8 hours of sleep, we finally had the freedom and time to sleep without an alarm. The funny thing about freedom is, once you have it, you wouldn't bother to indulge in it. So we didn't sleep. We planned. Dinners, lunches, breakfasts, parties and travel.

As is true for the student community, money was a big constraint for us as well. Sometimes constraints make some really good plans. It all started from some travel blog I was going through. One site led to another, and this place called 'Shringi' cropped up (http://www.gonomad.com/lodgings/0810/india-shringi-vatika.html).

Shringi Vatika

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Inertia

A city with a beach gives you a way out from the humdrum of crowded restaurants, traffic-packed streets and all the mess that comes with being in a big city. One of the many reasons why I like Chennai :-). This weekend had inertia written all over it. I merged with my bean bag and only emerged in times of extreme need. So, today evening we thought we'll take our cameras for a stroll on the beach. I needed to put an end to my furniture-like existence and well..something about moonlight and the way it lights up the beach. Its quite surreal. I love it with or without the lenses. :-)

Moonlit Besant Nagar Beach

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pondicherry - 13th April, 2011

Elections in Tamil Nadu. Two long peaceful days stretching ahead of us and we were without a plan. They say the best trips happen without a plan to constrain them. 
Lunch @ Cornucopia
So Sunshine and I woke up at a very lazy hour, threw in a few things and dragged ourselves to one of our favourite places for lunch. The idea was to reach Pondicherry somehow and then well..just reach I guess.