Saturday, August 6, 2011

Joys of HDR on a lousy weekend

Yes, this is one lousy weekend! A dentist's appointment and not a soul at home. Definitely does not add up to anything good. Oh c'mon, I got to rant it this blog or that. :P The doc says I can't talk for an entire day, after the extraction. Can you imagine..One Entire Day! Good thing Sunshine's not around, she would've cracked up seeing me without my wisecracks. Am thinking I'll write them down on the new scribble board :D

Okay, this is really turning out to be a non - travel, non - photography post. So, today morning like a good kid I went to the Besant Nagar beach armed with one of my favourite companions - my camera. If love can be objectified, then this is it. Me and my camera. It makes the world a colourful place. Amidst all the blandness that our life is most of the time, this camera is the literal translation of seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses. :D That and more!