Saturday, August 6, 2011

Joys of HDR on a lousy weekend

Yes, this is one lousy weekend! A dentist's appointment and not a soul at home. Definitely does not add up to anything good. Oh c'mon, I got to rant it this blog or that. :P The doc says I can't talk for an entire day, after the extraction. Can you imagine..One Entire Day! Good thing Sunshine's not around, she would've cracked up seeing me without my wisecracks. Am thinking I'll write them down on the new scribble board :D

Okay, this is really turning out to be a non - travel, non - photography post. So, today morning like a good kid I went to the Besant Nagar beach armed with one of my favourite companions - my camera. If love can be objectified, then this is it. Me and my camera. It makes the world a colourful place. Amidst all the blandness that our life is most of the time, this camera is the literal translation of seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses. :D That and more!

Anyway, so was trying my hand at HDR. The pics are a tad amateurish but the possibilities are endless! In very simple words, its shooting with different exposures and then merging the pics later. Gives a hell of a twist to landscapes! Here's what I worked with -

Settings primarily for Nikon D90 (should be applicable to other Nikon DSLRs, not sure about the Canon ones though) -
1. Go to Menu -> Custom Settings Menu ->Bracketing/Flash and select -
     a) Auto Bracketing Set -> Select AE only (can try with other options too, am yet to try that)
     b) Bracketing Order -> Select MTR > under > over (can select any actually, will only change the exposure order)

2. Press the BKT button (in the front) and roll the primary roller to the right to read 3F 2.0. This means it will take 3 shots with different exposures.

3. Set Exposure Compensation (the +/- button) to 2.

4. To take 3 shots with one press, press the Release button (the one with a box made on it) and roll the primary roller to go to Continuous Low.

5. A friend mentions that a tripod is important because HDR requires a steady hand. If his pics are anything to go by, I shall be lugging the tripod next time. :)

So you're all set. Now all you got to do is find something worthy enough to click. Once the pics are in, download Photomatix and merge! Here's what I clicked today. You can change the settings in a hundred ways and get much much better pics I think.

Weird structure in the middle of the beach!

Chilling :P

Murugan idli :)
P.S - Please add tips to get more out of HDR! :)


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  2. I skipped the HDR part but it finally took us being in different cities to make it to the beach :P

    Good work on the pics... U have endless opportunity coming your way... be prepared :)

  3. Hey Sur! How are you? The pics are amazing... :)

  4. Ladhaaaaa..pune number is the same same? Shall call in evening then! There's some apologizing that I need to do :P

  5. @Nams - That does not mean you start running homewards all the time!

  6. The first one is the best of the lot... Gives that surreal hdr feeling.

  7. @Naren - haan rest are not HDRish..pehla waala hi theek aaya hai. Bahut complex hai ye sab and am slow :P

  8. The first and last image are my favourites!

    Tips: Including sky with clouds always makes HDRs more dramatic.Scenes with a high dynamic range, generally twilight combined with city ligthing make for wonderful images. Finally if you haven't already checked out, I highly recommend you do so!

  9. @Bala - Thanks for the tips..that site is quite something! :)btw, nice photo blog!

  10. @Suravi Lovely pics. Nicely Shot. Loved the last one more than anything else

    About Pic 1 - it's not a weird structure - has a history behind it. It's called the Schmidt Memorial built in memory of a dutch Sailor. He saved a host of people and died in the process

  11. Hey Sylvian...thanks for the info..I did not know that :-)

  12. U r pics are simply awesome............

  13. Hi I really appreciate your all efforts which is specially for the LOUSY WEEKEND.
    well done.