Friday, December 23, 2011

European Diaries - Planning on a Shoestring Budget

Warning: Very long post ahead!

From the travelogue, 15th September 2011 – They say that when you wait for something for too long, the anticipation kills the excitement. Not sure when we started planning for Europe, but here I am…at the Colombo airport waiting for my connecting flight to Frankfurt. You’d think that we would be doing a jig right in the middle of the airport. But like I said, all the meticulous planning has made us as dead as wood! 
Enough with the ranting. So, ever since Sunshine and I met, there was an implicit pact to travel. We might be like chalk and cheese, yet plans are easy and the differences, comfortable. Europe started out as an ambitious plan. I think for some dreams to turn into reality, all you need is some nonchalance. Nonchalance for everything else, except what you really want to do. What started as an 8 day plan finally became a 17 day one. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

European Diaries - The Beginning

A backpacking trip to Europe. This was always always on the wishlist. I don't know why people wait to be 40 to live their dreams. The reluctance is not about the money. Maybe time. But all you got is this one life! And if you look back and all you have to show for your existence is days and years spent studying and drinking coffee in boring office meetings, you need to rethink your priorities. So, this one is for all the non-believers. Because I'll make you believe that its a crime to not travel. You probably need a cat's nine lives and more to see all that the world has to offer. Luxury is not in the spas and plush rooms of a 5 is in the happiness of just picking up a bag and walking down a long winding road. Seeing new things. Meeting new people. Seeing the sunset from different corners of the world. Climbing up till fear and fatigue are left behind. Speeding down as the world zooms by. To pick up a small piece of every place you go to. To not belong to a country, state or city. But to just belong. To every place you go to. A smile..a shake of hands..a few days and an open mind. That's all you need. And all I have. :) Living the dream. That's what I am doing. I hope you do too.