Wednesday, March 28, 2012

European Diaries - Frankfurt and Rhine Valley

Let’s start with the beginning. The beginnings are always fun, right! Brimming with enthusiasm and optimism about a new place. There is something very refreshing about leaving behind the routine that life tends to become on most days. And here we were. 17 days of no looking back. No work and nothing to differentiate between a weekend and a weekday. So, in spite of the crappy delayed flight, we hop-skip-jumped into Frankfurt at 3 pm. I know familiarity breeds comfort for most people, but I absolutely love everything new and different. 
Our first view of Frankfurt

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ignitink Article: A Long Weekend in Munnar

<I wrote this for the Travel & Lifestyle section of the online magazine >
Robert Louis Stevenson read my mind when he said - For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.
I am the Romeo of this great affair; the ardent lover who won’t give up. As is true for all awe-inspiring affairs, this too started with lust. Wanderlust. It swept me off my feet and changed my life. Like true love does. But, this affair has no end. So, there’s no fear.  Thus, I travel relentlessly. Sometimes, aimlessly. And I find happiness in this relentless pursuit. This is about one such pursuit. Some excerpts from my travelogue and some perspective through my lenses. About a long weekend spent in and around Munnar.

Ignitink Article: For the Love of Rasam

<I wrote this for the Travel & Lifestyle section of the online magazine >

As cyclone Thane swept the city with a vengeance, we stood at the Elliot’s beach, with wind in our faces and sand swirling by our feet. The waves were huge and we were drenched and cold. Some call it stupidity. I call it love for this city and its beaches. It is not Goa, but it is quite something. For a Bengali brought up in Bihar, Chennai has slowly and surely become a home far away from home. A potpourri of old and new, this place probably depicts India better than most cities. For those who blanch at the name of this city, come with a clean slate and maybe, just maybe you’ll see the place how I see it. And this is how I see it.