Thursday, April 19, 2012

European Diaries - Paris

Paris was absolutely whirlwind! Two days did not do justice to all that we wanted to do. But if you do have two days, do Paris like we did! :)
We traveled to Paris in the most plush train I have ever been in - Thalys Rail! Red lounge chairs, three course meal, wine and the works! I never wanted to get off that train. :)
Food in Thalys Rail :)
I think my high point of the trip to Paris was meeting Pallavi. She brings along a whole lot of warm and fuzzy memories right from my school days. The things we did back then deserves a separate page altogether! Now getting back to the trip, Tour de Paris started with the Eiffel Tower.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

European Diaries - Amsterdam

Forewarning - This post might require parental discretion. :)

If you ask us why we put Amsterdam on the itinerary, there are no two answers for that one. We really wanted to have those wicked space cakes! We researched to no end to find the right place and the rest, as the phrase goes, was 'Legen - wait for it- dary' in true Barney Stinson style! I guess that’s how one says amazing nowadays! ;)
There was a bit of rain as we entered Amsterdam. We stayed at the Flying Pig Downtown hostel. If you ever go there, we definitely recommend the place. It was not that inviting, that it makes you want to stay in all the time. But, it was comfy enough to sleep like a log in the night. The hostel had a very Amsterdam-ish feel to it. Red décor, well located and a lounge full of doped out people. The free breakfast was very nice too!

City of Canals
Music at the City Square