Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thailand - Bangkok

Post Europe, we had a travel itch. It's the worst kind of itch. The kind where you can't concentrate on anything! Office walls make you feel murderous and day dreaming is often the only balm. The first month after Europe was spent reliving all that we did there and going through photographs ad infinitum. There were stories to tell and duty free stuff to finish. And some breath to catch, after all the incessant travel. Once the suitcases were unpacked, the laundry was done and mundane daily routine set in, that's when the travel itch started. This time it had to be Thailand. Not the usual get-drunk-party-all-the-time Thailand, but the beach hopper's paradise Thailand. This was our route -

30th March - 8th April => Bangkok (1 day) -> Maya Bay for camping (1 day) -> Krabi (1 day) -> Koh Samui (2 days) - > Koh Tao for Scuba diving (1 day) -> Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party (1 day) -> Back to Bangkok

Friday, July 13, 2012

European Diaries - Rome

This was the end. The last city on our itinerary. I always had a thing for happy endings. Rome was like that. You almost feel like you are in India. A little like Bombay. A little like Delhi. Crowded trains. People warning you of pick-pockets. Too many people just about everywhere. So many that sometimes you've got to just stop and let them walk by! And the city is all about history and food. Needless to say, I absolutely loved Rome.

Rome is confusions galore. The airports don't make sense. You get a day pass for trains, not at the station, but at the newspaper stand! You can't buy a ticket in a bus. The city is all muddled up. And you'll love this city in spite of all this. Or maybe because of all this. We stayed at the Alessandro Hostel, five minutes from the main station Termini. I know I keep saying I loved European hostels, but this one was a stunner. Old palace turned into an ultra modern hostel with a super bar and a roof top restaurant. Rooms were huge and so very comfy! No reason why anyone should spend a ton and stay in a hotel. I did say this was a happy ending right?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

European Diaries - Venice

All I have for Venice are photographs. Beautiful ones. Surreal ones. It is not a place where you go with friends. It is a place where you go with your loved one. Hold hands. Walk on cobbled roads by the canals. Sit in Gondolas with champagne and music. And then you float into an unbelievably beautiful sunset and think  maybe this is what life is all about.

Gondolas in Venice

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

European Diaries - Salzburg

I reached Salzburg with my Oktoberfest aura and Obelix hat on! Dead tired and sleep deprived, Salzburg was supposed to be our day off to take a breather. I think we had sworn against waking up in the morning and rushing to see some new place. Our plan for Salzburg was to wake up when we can, eat to our heart's content and then stroll. In that very particular order.

River Salzach in Salzburg