Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Leh Road Trip - Tsomoriri

This is one of those posts where I am going to let the pictures do the talking. All I would say is when you go to Leh, Tsomoriri MUST be there on your itinerary. Around 230 kms from Leh, this place will just blow you away. We started the day with a hearty Punjabi breakfast - aaloo paratha, rajma and curd and then, geared up for a long day of travel. It takes almost 7 hours to get there.
All the aaloo parathas!
The route is scenic as usual. But Tsomoriri beats the rest hands down. Just before the main lake, as our car weaved up and down the hills, we saw this small pristine blue lake peeking between the hills. That one view is probably what I'll remember about Leh for years to come. It was unbelievable!

The lake before Tsomoriri

Looks like the Windows XP background!

From there, we moved on to the main Tsomoriri lake. It was spectacular. 24km length and 6km width. Different shades of blue, flanked by mountains on all sides. You really got to see it to believe what nature is capable of. The stay bit is a little tricky there. Most of the homestays we inquired in Tsokar village had tin sheds for bathrooms. Some of those tin sheds were not even in the homestay! Finally we managed a pretty decent place. There were beds, bathroom was nearby and rugs were available. It gets really really cold in Tsomoriri; so if you plan to camp, please come prepared with extra thermals.
Tsomoriri Lake

Our Homestay

 We dumped our luggage and went to the lake side for sunset. Those were my favourite hours in the entire trip. :) Some very serene times followed by a few moments of madness. We got the tripod out and tried the perfect jumping shot for the longest time! Did you know how difficult it is to get seven people to jump together in synchronization! Inevitably, atleast one looks like an idiot in the pic and atleast one more does not jump while everyone else is in flight!The evening was spent in customary fashion. Food, followed by a hilarious evening of rum and laughter. I don't remember the jokes, but I do remember all the warmth in the bone freezing cold. :)
Stunning clouds at Tsomoriri

The innumerable jumps!
There is just one shop in Tsokar, and it pretty much sells everything. When I say everything, I really do mean it - food, whiskey, mayonnaise, chips, batteries, torch. I could go on for a really long time! That's where we had breakfast before leaving the next day. Tsomoriri really made me look back again and again. Till the blue lake was a small dot.
The 'everything' shop!

Last view of Tsomoriri
On our way back, we went to More Plains. Another flat and beautiful stretch of road. Though I thought the Alchi one was prettier.
More Plains

Back to back days on the road, packed in a Xylo was taking its toll. The last stop for the trip remained - the much hyped Pangong Tso lake. Each of these places deserve atleast a week or maybe a month. These touch and go visits make my resolve to take a sabbatical and travel much stronger! Maybe then I will have stories to tell. Right now, I just have facts and photographs. :)


  1. Love the pics Suravi...Thanks for sharing!

  2. The pic and the places once again remind me of something I still have to do!!

    1. Your bucket list is just growing longer! You need to start ticking them off the list! :)

  3. Tso Moriri is magical and you have captured it so well Suravi

    1. That place really is magical Arnab! Absolutely no effort to get good clicks! :)

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  5. I have been to Pangong. Can you tell which route is more beautiful leh-Tso pangong or Leh - Tso moriri

  6. I have visited Khardungla, varla pass, tso pangong and leh, kargill, drass, srinagar.
    The landscapes while driving down from khardungla pass to khardung village were the best landscapes i have ever seen and of course the best lake ever was pangong.

    I want to visit a new place via a beautiful route. I have finalised Tso moriri this time. Will be on bike with wife and friends and want to travel through a beautiful route (ready to take calculated risk on road quality as have crossed Agam and Varla during my earlier trip).
    I am planning to cover Leh-Tsomoriri-Leh in 5 days and want to know the places where i can stay. i will reach on 13th July morning and will start journey from 14th July and therefore want to stay at altitide equal to Leh on 14th night.
    Also want to know how it be to stay at karzok (in terms of altitude)
    Please guide. You can write to me at harish.rawat16@gmail.com

  7. Nice post. :) Nestled between the majestic Himalayan and Karakoram ranges, Leh is a beautiful land with fantastical and surreal landscapes. Also, check out some popular places to visit in Leh.