Saturday, February 9, 2013

Couchsurfing Guest Post: Anne

Couchsurfing. A verb which can make you go around the world. At no cost. And you end up gaining a lifetime of friends and a whole lot of stories. Thought I'll share a few with everyone. Straight from the horse's mouth! Anne was my first couchsurfing experience; and a brilliant one at that! Wonderfully warm and sweet, we hit it off almost instantly. Here's her guest post! 

Hello all! My name is Anne, and I’m a dear friend of Suravi’s. I’m from the United States, but I’ve had the great fortune to be able to travel to several interesting places – including Austria, India, Togo, and Madagascar! Much of my traveling has been made possible through an organization called CouchSurfing, which is, in fact, how I met Suravi.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Leh Road Trip - Pangong Tso

And here's the last one for the road. The much hyped Pangong Tso lake. Our last stop before we left for the arduous journey back to Srinagar. We had been amply warned to expect a hoard of happy picnicking tourists, posing for photographs everywhere. 3 Idiots has really put this place on the map. There are reminders of the movie all around the lake! Anyway, more of that later. Pangong Tso is about 150 kms from Leh. Its a saline lake with a length of almost 135 kms! More than half of it is in China. 
Pangong Tso lake